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Livid sunsets were seen round the world for weeks. A layer of black dust suggested cometary origin - possibly a fragment of Comet Encke.

Neighbours had heard a whistling sound but had seen and heard no plane. This fall echoed a similar event in Naples, Italy, on 7 February , when an artillery shell, dated , with a cross and eagle design, fell from the sky. It was the same taxi with the same driver, carrying the same passenger, that had killed his brother Neville in July the previous year. Both brothers were 17 when they died, and had been riding the same moped in the same street. In an interview he likened their motion to that of a saucer skipped across water; the phrase "flying saucer" seems to have been coined simultaneously by several sub-editors soon afterwards.

A torrent of similar reports poured forth, including more than 1, in the second half of in America alone. Many Americans believe that millions of their compatriots have been temporarily seized by aliens for medical examinations and procreation. The subject is both complex and contentious; why should the aliens concentrate so heavily on Americans, for instance?

Gonzalez was knocked 15ft by a hairy, dwarf-like creature. Another blinded him with a light beam. Ponce saw two more emerge from the bushes, carrying earth and rocks, and leap into the hovering sphere. Both men were placed under medical observation for several days. On 4 March , for example, a shower in Shirley, Croydon, south London, included a large number of dead frogs.

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Weathermen offered the traditional explanation that they had been sucked up from a pond by a waterspout; however, as has often been objected in the past, it is a bizarre tornado that can pick up one type of animal from a pool to the exclusion of all others. His report appeared in Science in More recently, dozens of fish were found in gardens and on roofs in the borough of Newham, east London, following a thunderstorm on the night of May The Natural History Museum identified the fish as flounder and smelt; there had been no reports of waterspouts in the Thames that night.

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And on 17 May , a fall of more than 20 small fish was witnessed at Hatfield in Hertfordshire. Although they were dead, they seemed to be fresh and were warm to the touch. In , the Titanian hit an iceberg in the place where the Titanic had sunk. She had visited a friend the previous evening - Whit Monday - to get changed and had gone to a dance.

In the early hours of 27 May also a Whit Monday , Mary Ashford had been raped and murdered on the same spot. She too had gone to a friend's house to get changed before going to a dance. In both cases, a man called Thornton was arrested, charged with murder and cleared. There were many witnesses. When she visualised an egg whose cross-section would look triangular, and one arrived, she grew afraid and gave it up. Her chair was burnt, but a pile of papers beside it was untouched.

In September , the body of a tramp called Bailey was found in a derelict house in Lambeth, London. A blue flame was "issuing at force" from a slit in his stomach. No hypothesis adequately explains all the observed phenomena of SHC spontaneous human combustion. The orthodox theory - that burning clothes boil off body water, absorb melted fat and then act as a wick around the body, reducing it to a pile of ashes - has never been demonstrated on a human body without an accelerant. Most puzzling, perhaps, are those cases without a visible source of ignition.

Explanations in terms of electrostatics and geomagnetism remain highly speculative. The supposed "saucer crash" and retrieval of alien bodies have since become famous as the start of an alleged US government cover-up; but the incident is based entirely on wildly contradictory anecdotes collected more than 30 years later.

They also subsequently made a staggeringly inept attempt to discredit the "alien bodies" farrago by suggesting that witnesses were remembering experiments with anthropomorphic dummies jettisoned from aircraft; but these tests occurred between and , not in Further fuel for conspiracy buffs was provided recently when the General Accounting Office, the Government watchdog agency, found that administrative records at Roswell from March to December , and its outgoing messages from October to December , had been destroyed more than 40 years ago.

During his 36 years as a park ranger, Sullivan, of Waynesboro, Virginia, was struck by lightning seven times. In , he lost a big toenail to lightning. In , his eyebrows were blown off. His left shoulder was seared in and his hair set on fire in In August , he was out driving when a bolt hit him on the head through his hat, set his hair on fire again, threw him 10ft out of his car and knocked his left shoe off.

In , he shot himself. Key vanishings of the century include the Labour MP Victor Grayson, who vanished during a train journey from Liverpool to Hull in ; Colonel Percy Fawcett, last seen embarking for the Amazon jungle in ; Glenn Miller, the jazz star who disappeared during a flight over the English Channel in ; and, of course, Lord Lucan But the oddest case of all was that of Ambrose Bierce, the American satirist who wrote about mysterious vanishings.

He went to Mexico in and was never heard of again.

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He was variously reported to have been killed fighting for or against Pancho Villa, neither being very likely, as he was over 70 and an invalid when he disappeared. The visions continued well into and it is thought that more than a million people witnessed the luminous tableaux. The still photographs are all fuzzy and ambiguous the best is shown, far right, on the opposite page ; and no film footage was made. By 14 April, Good Friday, the statue was said to have wept 14 times.

In the subsequent two months, there were up to 15 similar cases across Italy; it was like the moving statue mania that swept across Ireland in A laboratory report concluded that the liquid coming from the Virgin of Civitavecchia was male human blood. The Gregori family, who had obtained the statue from Medjugorje, were suspected of fraud, but refused to give blood for DNA tests.

The Vatican subsequently declared the tears to be "genuine", but stopped short of declaring it a miracle.

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These were followed by falling coins every few minutes. Neighbours were brought in to witness further falls. These included Professor Arvi Grotenfeldt, a member of the Society of Sciences, who compiled a report of the incident. More than 10 marks was collected. Other unexplained falls of metallic objects have been reported at: Wellington, New Zealand, in March pennies and stones bombarded a lodging house - ultimately watched by people - for three days ; Ramsgate, Kent, in 40 to 50 pennies in 15 minutes ; and Galax, Virginia on 12 to 14 July nails in three days.

Fifty yards out, there was a boulder with a sword in it, which the family took to be a memorial to King Arthur. About once every three weeks for the subsequent 17 years, the Swains drove to the New Forest, in the hope of finding the lake again - but without success.

100 Strangest Unexplained Mysteries

She and her husband William, 79, didn't have any pets and the house was free from vermin. The following morning the Winstons called the police, who found "copious amounts of blood" spattered on walls and floors in five rooms. The house was declared a crime scene to keep the press and public at bay. The police left and one presumes the case is still on file as "unsolved". Another house dripped blood in Saint Quentin, Picardy, in January ; while in August and September the ceilings of the rectory in Swanton Novers, Norfolk, seeped petrol, paraffin, sandalwood oil and methylated spirits.

Walls of the rectory were torn open and ceilings exposed, but the mystery wasn't solved. One report said 50 gallons of the substances had been collected. He walked towards it, and was felled by a flash. Terrified, the others drove away. A big search failed to locate Walton; but five days later he turned up in nearby Heber, with a detailed account of abduction by aliens in a flying saucer; he passed a lie-detector test.

The subject of secret rays that could stop machines had been enthusiastically discussed in the popular press in Harry Grindell-Matthews, the eccentric British genius, even claimed to have invented a ray machine. The Second World War was rife with rumours of machine-disabling devices, and since then the stalling of car engines has often figured in narratives of UFO close encounters.

Villagers found her asleep and unharmed apart from scratches. Fifty-nine years later, a man called Christian Spurling claimed on his death-bed that he had taken part in hoaxing this photo, using a model made from plastic wood; but not everyone is convinced, and the debate continues. As for the Abominable Snowman, there are inconsistencies in Shipton's accounts of how his photo was taken - and it's true he was fond of practical jokes.

No one has proved the footage is fake, but sceptics naturally maintain it is a big bloke in a gorilla suit. People dressed in white frequently caught fire while out in the open; laundry laid out to dry under the sun burst into flame, and white-painted walls were singed. Scientists suggested some unknown form of static discharge. Objects flew about, lightbulbs exploded, and a fridge turned upside down.

Sascha was brought to a Moscow hospital and examined by the chief physician, Victor Korchenko. One witness said a shoe flew off his foot and out of a window when Sascha walked into the room. It was the first of many local sightings of the "Surrey Puma". There are hundreds of sightings from at least 30 counties every year.