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In the case that verbs are separable, examples will use the separable form of the phrasal verb. For inseparable phrasal verbs, examples keep the phrasal verbs together.

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We'll have to put our prices up to compete. Have they put the price of corn up recently?

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They brought their children up to be responsible adults. We're bringing up two children. He quickly sped up to sixty miles an hour. His motorcycle can speed up to quickly.

Up and Down Phrasal Verbs

It's important to build your muscle strength up over time. They've built up an impressive stock portfolio. My health has picked up over the past few days. The stock market has picked up recently. The value of the house went down during the recession.

Gas prices have gone down dramatically over the past few months. We've cut our research and development budget down significantly. They've cut their investments down to half. Slow down when you drive into town.

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  7. My car slowed down and stopped at the intersection. I need to take a moment to cool down. Tom should cool his friend down so we can continue the meeting. The preposition changes the verb so you're not literally looking at anything. You're doing something else, remembering, searching, and so on. Enter a phrasal verb:. Most phrasal verbs can be separated , as in turn on the light or turn the light on , but this is something you need to be aware of, so always check.

    Exercises: phrasal verbs with ‘bring’

    Turn on the light. Look after the children. Look the children after. He went away. We're going to be late.

    The Use of Idioms and Phrasal Verbs

    So remember that when we have an object it, him her, the bus, etc we need to know the word order. This information is shown in most dictionaries. But even if it isn't you should study the example to try to learn how the verb is used. Phrasal verbs are very common in spoken and written English so you need to learn them in order to understand and speak natural English and be fluent. The preposition is the key to unlocking the secret behind phrasal verbs.

    The preposition used has a certain logic, shared by many other phrasal verbs. When you're aware of the logic or pattern of meaning everything starts to make sense. This is explained in the Think section.

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    Up often means that something is finished so give up smoking means the same as stop smoking. Many phrasal verbs have a single word alternative , often Latin-based, which is sometimes more common in formal or academic English. For instance, the verb discover is an alternative to the phasal verb find out.

    If you're in a hurry to learn just a few verbs, take a look at our quick takeaway list. There are few verbs with two prepositions. Just like many other verbs in the language, phrasal verbs can also be used as nouns or adjectives. Phrasal verbs, multi-word verbs, prepositional verbs, and so on. There are many different names for phrasal verbs but you shouldn't worry about this.

    The name is not important althought the most accepted term is phrasal verbs. The preposition can be a preposition or and adverb.

    Phrasal Verbs in action,

    Again this is not important at all. You can call it a preposition, a preposition or an adverb. Unfortunately, phrasal verbs are often ignored because students focus on only the verb. It's important to take notice of the attached prepositions to phrasal verbs when learning new vocabulary. Phrasal verbs can be literal or figurative in meaning. For example, the phrasal verb 'get into' can mean 'enter' - He got in the car - or figuratively 'accept' - He got into Harvard. In two-word phrasal verbs, the "particle" is a preposition. In three or more word phrasal verbs the last particle is generally a preposition.

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    4. There are four types of phrasal verbs. Phrasal verbs can be separable or inseparable and they can take an object or not. There are so many phrasal verbs. The Cambridge Phrasal Verb dictionary is pages long!