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The types of dentures available through our office include:. Partial dentures also known as a bridge are designed to connect to your existing permanent teeth that surround the area of missing teeth.

COMPLETE DENTURES | Foundation for Oral-facial Rehabilitation

Complete or full dentures are designed for patients who have lost all upper or lower natural teeth or both. Complete dentures are designed to restore a natural looking smile and allow the patient the ability to once again eat normally.

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  6. COMPLETE DENTURES | Foundation for Oral-facial Rehabilitation!
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  8. The team and Town Square Dentistry utilizes the latest denture technology available to custom design a complete denture restoration plan for your mouth. If you would like to know more about the restorative dental care that dentures provide, please feel free to call at or send us an email at info bbtsd.

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    Dentures At Town Square Dentistry we understand the challenges of living with missing teeth. Full dentures replace a full arch of missing teeth to restore chewing and facial appearance. A denture can be constructed to replace missing top teeth, missing bottom teeth, or both.

    If you already have a denture or dentures, construction of new dentures is relatively easy. Preliminary impressions are made from which more exact impression trays are designed and fabricated. These trays are used to make a final master impression, from which the denture will be made.

    Denture Procedure

    Expect to make several visits with us, as the dentures can take few weeks to settle in the mouth. Do not expect the new dentures to fit the same as your old ones.

    Complete Dentures

    If you have recently had one or a few teeth extracted, or are. It can take 3 to 6 months for soft tissue to heal and reshape itself fully after an extraction. Many times, a denture is made before this time period has elapsed. Expect to have more sore spots and more adjustments before the denture feels comfortable. You may also expect to have the denture relined after a few months to compensate for that tissue change.

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