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Furthermore, some of the argumentative strategies "appear to serve diametrically opposed persuasive purposes in the two settings" p. In accordance with this result, the collocations of seemingly related English and Italian words differ in meaning and highlight the lack of one-to-one correspondence. As in the previous paper, the data in this paper is taken again from British and Italian parliamentary talk. Although the same issue is debated in both parliaments, the linguistic resources, i.

Whereas the Italian data shows evidence for legitimizing discourse in the form of, for example, impersonal constructions, vague and general expressions or the use of euphemisms, there is a tendency in Britain to a more explicit, informative discourse with a less persuasive function. These differences might express the different attitudes of the two nations towards the events. I would move this sentence to the end because it ties up nicely what you've just said In "Threat and fear in parliamentary debates in Britain, Germany and Italy" pp. In the first part, the authors' aims are to find out if the three languages have similar grammaticalizations of terms which belong to the semantic area of DANGER and to compare the intensity of these lexical items.

In the next step, a comparison is carried out of what MPs in the three countries consider as the main source of danger.

The results reveal important differences: while it was the European Union itself which was seen as the external threat in British parliamentary talk, it was the failure of the integration process which German and Italian politicians introduce as the main source of danger. These discourse patterns are defined as "recurrent and pre- fabricated patterns" in a language which communicates ideas and which may be formed by, for example, lexical choices. The results show that the meanings of "work"-related words are determined by their surroundings, i.

There are a lot of similarities with regard to the distribution of the lexis of WORK but British and Spanish parliamentary talk differs in the lexicalization of the various meanings. House debate on the impeachment of the President, " pp. House of Representatives, namely the debate about the impeachment of President Clinton in Being aware of the fact that this debate is only a single textual instance, the author attempts to explore typical meaning making practices, i.

Text and Context of Parliamentary Debates (2003)

After providing a brief overview of appraisal theory, an ongoing project in SFL which explores how speakers construct subjectivity and intersubjectivity, for example, Miller looks at the system of 'judgment' or, in other words, how speakers evaluate other people's behavior by the use of words like 'truth' and 'justice'. The results show that appraisal is not only realized in lexis but also in more global patterns which involve all levels of linguistic analysis.

The various meanings of 'truth' vary according to the respective speaker position. In contrast to the previous papers, "Parliamentary discourse when things go wrong - Mapping histories, contexts, conflicts" pp. In addition, she looks at parliamentary practices and illustrates how a better understanding of complex processes can be achieved, namely by the graphical representation of discourse features.

The last paper of the collection, "Text and context of parliamentary debates" pp. In his attempt to provide a contextual approach to parliamentary discourse, the author reviews earlier studies on context, in particular the theory of context in SFL. His main criticism of the SFL concept of context is that it is inadequate and incomplete. It is not only the case that the main parameters which define the social situation, i. Van Dijk then introduces his own theory of context which is based on the claim that a context should be defined as a mental model constructed by the participants of or about communicative situations and events.

References – Studies on dialogue

According to van Dijk, context consists of macro- and micro-level categories. Consent and dissent in British and Italian parliamentary debates on the Gulf Crisis. Threat and fear in parliamentary debates in Britain, Germany and Italy. Ways of talking about work in parliamentary discourse in Britain and Spain.

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House debate on the impeachment of the President, Parliamentary discourse when things go wrong: Mapping histories, contexts, conflicts. Text and Context of parliamentary debates. No author info given The U. Congressional Recordas a technology of representation: Toward a materialist theory of institutional argumentation. Democracy and discriminatory strategies in parliamentary discourse.

Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Parliamentary Discourse | Edited by Paul Bayley

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Class 2: Discourse Analysis - ON CONTEXT

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The Star Online. Worst water shortage occurred in with days of rationing. Current water crisis caused by over development and lack of planning.

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