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Our researchers are supporting the development and evaluation of strategies to promote engagement by older people in community-based exercise, sport and recreational opportunities. We conduct research that is relevant and appropriate for policy and for informing public health. The PRC has a reputation for co-creating knowledge with health practitioners and policy-makers, developing innovative evaluation research methods, and providing evidence with practical application to public health policy. We provide evidence advice, support evidence-based policy, conduct applied research and evaluation, and build workforce capacity in the promotion of physical activity, healthy eating and prevention of overweight and obesity in NSW.

Progress to date has involved engagement with policymakers nationwide to help map and understand physical activity related policies, programs and prevalence measures, to identify gaps and opportunities for strengthening action. Our research in mass media and social media as health communications tools provides crucial evidence to support strategic use of these approaches in prevention work.

The PRC has worked with research and government partners to develop evaluation frameworks and provide advice to research bodies, community organisations and government groups on how to use mass media and social media effectively in their interventions and communications. We research how people interact with their social and physical environment, specifically how the social, economic, and built environment influence physical activity behaviour, food choices and obesity. We undertake studies using a diverse range of representative cross-sectional and longitudinal data to examine retirement and health behaviour, psychological health, social connections, cardiovascular disease and mortality.

There is a diverse team of experts from around Australia and the world to bridge the current gaps in research, practice and policy and help improve the health outcomes for children as they grow into adulthood. For more details: www. The Prevention Research Collaboration is involved in providing technical and research-based advice to inform public health policy and programs.

This occurs in a variety of ways, including:. The purpose of this review was to outline what additional evidence had become available on childhood obesity prevention strategies. There was a particular focus on strategies that have demonstrated effectiveness for intervening at a population level in NSW. The review states that no single solution creates sufficient impact to reverse the obesity epidemic.

Measuring progress in obesity prevention : workshop report

Only a systemic, sustained, comprehensive portfolio of cumulative initiatives, delivered at scale, is likely to be effective in tackling overweight and obesity. Government leadership and policy action are key elements that enable and support the population behaviour change necessary to impact on child obesity.

All policy options identified in this report are highly cost-effective from a societal perspective, and some policy options would generate revenue as well as delivering health gains. Download the summary report pdf, kb and full technical report pdf, 2. It is not intended to be an exhaustive review but rather to provide an indication of the rationale for intervening and the potential effectiveness of a broad range of policy options.

It is also intended to inform ongoing stakeholder consultation regarding action with respect to the food environment. This consultation will necessarily take account of other evidence of effectiveness including likely reach and population impact, as well as implementation issues such as sustainability of effects, feasibility, acceptability, equity, and other factors affecting planning and investment decisions. It is noted that no single action contained within this evidence synthesis will in itself be sufficient to affect weight status substantially at the population level.

A portfolio of interventions within the food environment, alongside action to increase physical activity and reduce sedentary behaviours, is required to halt the progress of obesity and prevent chronic disease. Download the report pdf, 1. This is the fifth SPANS of NSW school students and provides valuable prevalence and trend information on the weight status and health behaviours of a representative sample of 7, school students in Kindergarten and Years 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10, conducted in Term 1, Download the summary report pdf, kb and full technical report pdf, This legislation was passed by NSW Parliament in November requiring certain food outlets particularly in the Quick Service Restaurant QSR setting to display nutrition information in the form of numeric kilojoule kJ amounts for food and beverage items at the point-of-sale, on menu boards.

Requirements came into effect on 1 February , with a month period for QSRs to comply before 1 February Download the report pdf, 4. The previously noted decline in active travel by adults seen in Australia in the 30 years since appears to have stabilised, and by some measures there has been some increase overall in active transport in NSW. These increases are of statistical significance more than they are of health significance — any observed increases are very modest at best.

Baldwin and her colleagues conclude that much more needs to done to increase the rates of active travel in NSW. Download the full report pdf, 1MB. In , the research program involved structured interviews with sports officials, parents and children which were conducted at selected junior sports events or training sessions. The program provides sound information on the health promotion practices of junior sports clubs, including their policies and practices in relation to sun protection, tobacco control, healthy eating and sports participation, as well as the range and extent of food and beverage company sponsorship of junior sports.

The research has identified a number of ways in which sports clubs could promote health more consistently, including changes to sports canteens and through adopting healthy sponsorship policies.

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The information collected is provided back to sports clubs and regional sporting associations, as well as sport and recreation government agencies in NSW and the ACT. Download the report pdf, PRC staff members contribute to a range of teaching and capacity building activities, including a range of Sydney School of Public Health public health postgraduate courses and research-informed workforce development activities.

Our researchers and PhD students teach core and elective subjects in public health and non-communicable diseases in the Master of Public Health program, a prestigious postgraduate degree offered by the Sydney School of Public Health.

PRC also conducts training and capacity workshops for a diverse range of policymakers, researchers and practitioners. With the Australian Prevention Partnership Centre. PRC ran several online and face-to-face workshops on ' Complex program evaluation for public health'. Through our work with the World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre on Physical Activity, Nutrition and Obesity, we conducted online training workshops for international prevention practitioners and reached participants in over 40 countries.

Through collaborative partnerships with world-renowned researchers, the group has been able to solve complex and challenging public health problems and steer public policy to implement interventions to prevent and control chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer globally. University home.

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The University Centre for Rural Health. Schools Sydney Dental School. Sydney Medical School. School of Medical Sciences. Sydney Nursing School. However, from communities where steady drops in obesity rates have been seen, cross-sector approaches to prevention have played a major role. The National Academies Press and the Transportation Research Board have partnered with Copyright Clearance Center to offer a variety of options for reusing our content. You may request permission to:. For most Academic and Educational uses no royalties will be charged although you are required to obtain a license and comply with the license terms and conditions.

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