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While most of this book is written for the developer in your organization, there are key chapters that will assist your infrastructure team in installing and monitoring a CMS production server.

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In the first part of the book, we cover introductory information and the fundamentals of CMS Chapter 4 gives a sample outline on how to plan for a CMS implementation. The second part of the book covers content authoring and publishing activities.


We start this part by discussing the Web Author; then we move on to discussing publishing workflow in CMS and the Authoring Connector. This part is chock-full of examples and instructions on how to complete these tasks. The third part of the book focuses on creating the site framework. We'll show you how to create a new CMS site and how to structure the channel, template galleries, and resource galleries hierarchies in your site.

This part also includes several chapters that focus on templates, including a chapter on template-based page processing, one on creating templates, and other chapters that discuss planning, creating, and debugging CMS templates. Finally, we'll discuss working with placeholders in Visual Studio.

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NET, creating dynamic navigation elements, and connected postings. The fourth part of this book focuses on site administration and security. Hence, we discuss how to work with containers, how to set up user security, how to use the Server Configuration Application, and how to secure access to your CMS site. In Part V, we focus on site deployment issues, such as using the Site Deployment Manager and discussing various site deployment scenarios.

In this part, we cover PAPI, obtaining contexts, traversing channels, managing postings, manipulating postings, and finding CMS assets.

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We cover topics like developing custom controls, customizing the Web Author console in Visual Studio. In this part, we cover capacity planning and performance monitoring issues, to help you run your servers more smoothly and efficiently. We also provide tips on troubleshooting. Complete source code for the examples in this book is available for download at www. No technical book has ever been written that can answer all the questions for every reader who picks it up. Not only are they expected to be conversant in the Microsoft.

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Many beginners to MCMS start out by looking at the example site that ships with the product; tweaking it, dissecting it and turning it inside out using the obscure code comments as markers. However, when it comes to starting their own website from scratch, many are baffled?

This book exists to answer that question; teaching the essential concepts of MCMS in a clear, straightforward and practical manner. Containing answers to some of the most asked questions in developer newsgroups, this book is a treasure trove of tricks and tips for solving the problems faced by MCMS developers. This is a unique resource focused exclusively on the needs of developers using MCMS.

It doesn? The authors carefully structured example project complements and extends the knowledge gained from an initial look at the examples that ship with MCMS.

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No prior knowledge of MCMS is required - this book takes you from the basics of MCMS, guiding you through everything you need to create a fully-featured, content-rich website. Visit the Free Online Edition for Building Websites with Microsoft Content Management Server and learn more about the book, you can read through two full chapters, "Creating Templates and Postings" , and "Implementing Forms Authentication" and discover what each chapter from this book has in store. Years of active participation in MCMS newsgroups and mailing lists mean that the authors?

An example site is developed throughout the book, at every point providing clear and practical demonstrations of the relevant ideas.

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