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The first one is called Dial C for Chihuahua and is available for pre-order now—official publication date October 1, Thanks for stopping by! How about David Rosenfelt, and his wonderful series with lawyer Andy Carpenter and Tara, his golden retriever? Most of the mysteries include other dogs as well.

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The first one is Open and Shut, and there are ten books in the series. Danna, Among the things that I have picked up on while reading so many cozy mysteries is the people who drink a lot of tea have some sort of pet, mostly dogs. Linda C, I have recently switched from my morning coffee to morning tea.


I guess that means a new pet is in my destiny…. Not only do most Cozy sleuths drink lots of tea, have some kind of animal pet, it seems like a lot of these people drink a lot of wine. Whenever some character is cooking something I start to think that I should get up and cook something myself.

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But then I realize that in order to do that I have to put my book down!! Whenever I am into a really good book, I used to have darling hubby cook something up. Oh well. Throw something into the oven, whip up a salad, throw a loaf of bread and some margarine on the table, dish up some ice cream or open a can of peaches. There, supper is ready! Eat, take the dogs out, clean up the kitchen, get back to reading! I am retired!!!

Can anyone remember or identify an author who wrote a mystery in, I think, late s or s about a woman who ran a tai chi or meditation studio and had a beautiful Akita? Would appreciate…loved the book. He suddenly develops a nose for crime in the small town of New Bergen, and Andy reluctantly has to channel his inner sleuth. The book is published under my pen name, Richard Audry. Thank you, D. Just found your blog list of dog theme mysteries. It was like finding a diamond in the rough. Will certainly be checking back.

Welcome to the Cozy Mystery site, Joyce. I lived with dogs my entire 78 years except from I have read mysteries since I discovered Nancy Drew in the 4th grade. How about the Embroidery Mysteries? I just finished 6 a few hours ago.


Marcy has store in Oregon and Angus an Irish Wolfhound who is a fixture in the store daily. I just found your Cozy mystery site today. Though many of the authors I have read. Welcome to the Cozy Mystery site, Joan J. I know how difficult it is when we lose a beloved pet and part of the family.

If I remember correctly he is large. I have read all of them about The latest is Sweet tea revenge which I read in April. She also has two other series, a scrapbooking one in New Orleans and others about a food place if I remember. I admit I quit reading her as the whole family is dysfunctional in my opinion. These are in the humorous category. Micheline, I think pets in mystery series add a certain personal touch to the books. Another cozy mystery series for dog and cat!

I hope you read and enjoy! Thank you, Nancy, for telling us about Holly L.

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Holly L. The Nose Sees All. An Army of Noses. Duffy Brown with her consignment shop mysteries.

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Demise in Denim is 4 in series which I just got today and started reading. However, the cover shows a border collie. I am desperately seeking a series of kids mystery books featuring dogs. In one of the books 2nd, 3rd? Can you help??

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I am looking for the same book for my library, if you find it, would you mind sharing the title,.? Can you tell I have a Westie? Hoping you all can help!

In the not too distant past within the past year I believe I read a cozy that featured a woman photographer, her Australian Shepherd, her boyfriend and his Labrador. They both did obedience and agility, including cat agility with her cat. The story also was about illegal exotic bird smuggling. I cannot believe I cannot remember and I want more. Responding to my own comment- but I found it!

Please add Sheila Webster Boneham to your list.

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It is now available on Youtube. Very happy to have stumbled upon this site today. I love books which feature dogs and I was hoping some-one maybe able to identify this book, for a query posted on a different forum that I too would like to read. The heroine is a dog trainer. She has 3 dogs. She is asked to go on an undercover mission with some kind of government agent.

I remember them escaping on a boat and I think the mission was on an island. I know that the bad guy comes after them at the end, after you think everything is going to be cleared up by other government types. And I do believe that the bad guy kills two of her dogs, which really upset me at the time. I think one of the dogs was named Sweet Pea. There is a part at the end where she is calling her dog Wiley??? But she is using a hand signal to tell him to stay. So he is going back and forth, kind of dancing around.