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This is going to be a teaching season for everyone in my family. There is always a purpose for disappointment. The kids are all going to have to do more around the house and less outside of it. And me? But I am determined to take advantage of this time. And if anyone wants to hang out, you know where to find me. Costco, August As I entered Costco this summer and passed the beach towels and swim goggles at the door, I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw Christmas wrapping paper on sale.

Everywhere I turn, the message is clear:. I love a good gift as much as the next person, and if Greg were reading this, he would find out I would love a new espresso maker. Hint, hint, the one we have is broken. For me, it is so easy to forget that the reason I celebrate this season is the ultimate no-strings-attached-gift-ever — the gracious birth of the Savior of the World.

If the meaning is different for you, I think we can agree our culture pressures us earlier and earlier each year to consume more.

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We can all do better in this area. Here are a few ideas:. But perhaps my favorite focus shift for the season is not in the gifts we give, but in daily Advent service projects. Years ago, my mom gave me an Advent calendar in the form of a house. It has little drawers for treats that can be discovered each day in December leading up to Christmas.

I decided to include notes with an act of service my children could do with help. Around Thanksgiving, I come up with the list by looking at our calendar. I look for days when service projects are already scheduled and include those.

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Here are some examples from years past:. Of course, the list will continue to change over time as the children become teenagers and perhaps come up with ideas of their own. They — now , eight- and five-year-olds — receive a lot of gifts. I do love the wonder of Christmas morning and of unwrapping gifts that have been carefully made or bought with each other in mind.

But it warms my heart every year when I pull out the Advent house and the kids get more excited about it than any other Christmas decoration. Growing up, it was a rite of passage. What happened at these dinners? We shared stories. My older brother always had a quick-wit, and we laughed hard. My younger brother was funny and a performer who kept us giggling. I was simultaneously the most studious child in my family and the one with the least amount of common sense, asking stupid questions in an entirely unsafe environment where I paid dearly for it.

And the stories we share of these family dinners still get repeated over and over again when we are together. My own experience — along with scientific proof that family dinners are impactful — are reasons why having dinner together as a family is something I work hard to make happen. To name a few benefits, family dinners help with health, brain growth, vocabulary and family relationships, as well as promote good behaviors and stave off bad ones.

My husband travels a lot and my kids have activities some nights that make eating together impossible. This means we currently eat together as a family about three nights a week. On the nights we can eat together, I work to make these count. Planning, shopping for and packing healthy, appealing lunches for the kids are not my favorite hobbies.

In my dreams, I would pack them kale salads with tuna, quinoa crackers and homemade fruit roll ups. And while the food I pack is the opposite of Pin-worthy, I must say that I love including lunchbox notes for my kids. For pre-K, the notes were pretty simple, as the teachers had to read them. When they need encouragement on a particular day, I can provide it.

On Etsy, there are some really talented moms who make inexpensive templates you can download.

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Last, cut them with a paper-cutter or scissors and voila! One of my favorite shops no longer exists boo! To make packing lunches easier this year, I also printed out a food chart that is specific to our family. It took me about an hour of thinking and using other lists on Pinterest for help. I posted it in my kitchen today.

I was easily annoyed at moms with older kids when I was in the thick of the infant and toddler days. Enjoy them. Imagining that parenting gets harder is not a happy thought. Our children are 10, eight and five, so while our expectations of them are different based on what makes sense developmentally, ALL OF THEM are old enough to know better. That mom and I still laugh about it.

Perhaps nothing in life is as powerful as parenting is in its capability to push you to question everything about yourself, to overanalyze and believe nearly anything you do could come back to bite you. We are here to guide, model, teach, comfort, love and instruct; but at the end of the day, they are their own people with unique minds. What they do reflects on us to an extent, but as they grow, they become more and more independent. And I can see how growing up causes boundary lines between them and us to be redrawn a lot. I gain so much perspective and wisdom. I will not forget my children.

I wish I had better news for new moms. But the truth is that the mommy brain fog, while it lifts after the newborn weeks, does not ever fully clear. I have never been more certain of it. When I first wrote about mommy brain , I was hopeful it would be gone by now. On Monday, I took dinner to my boss because his wife just had their third child, and somehow we got on the topic of mommy brain. But what remains after that is a forgetfulness. And the forgetfulness is directly proportional to how many things you are tracking in your brain. The busier you are and the less sleep you get, the more forgetful.

So since the past two weeks have been pretty full, I did something yesterday that I would have never thought possible. This could happen to anyone, right? Then I started thinking about how I needed to take this as a real warning that I simply have too much going on and I need to focus on each moment and the task at-hand without trying to multitask.

Pre-bedtime dance parties can be super fun. They can also be dangerous.

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Like his head collided into my chin. I got a fat, bloody lip and my teeth are still hurting. And it got me thinking about how wonderful parenting is while simultaneously being painful. We have so, SO much to be thankful for, and there are good, happy, joyful moments every day. Security 3 download peeing in peace tales and tips for type a moms including Words Daniel July 23, with Dr.

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