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Brendan M. China's Ascent. China Turns to Multilateralism. Guoguang Wu. The United States and Northeast Asia. John Ikenberry.

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Northeast Asia. Vinod K. Security Cooperation in Northeast Asia.

Security Politics in the Asia-Pacific: A Regional-Global Nexus? | International Relations

The Security Environment in the Asia-Pacific. Hung-Mao Tien. The Making of Northeast Asia. Canada has successfully resolved several disputes with the United States, and is actively managing a dispute with Denmark. One panelist recounted how the Canadian military would leave bottles of Canadian whiskey on the disputed Hans Island, which would be replaced by the Danish military with Schnapps to denote Danish sovereignty over the island and its waters.

However, several panelists noted that the peaceful resolution of Arctic disputes is due, in part, to low maritime traffic within the region.

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For these reason, panelists agreed that dispute settlement processes used in the Arctic are likely not applicable to the South China Sea. The panelists also explored the value of the peaceful non-settlement of disputes as one alternative. Three of the panelists discussed maritime cooperation and regional engagement in the Arctic, while the fourth panelist discussed scientific collaboration and fish stock data collection in the South China Sea. A panelist noted that the Arctic Council exhibits trans-boundary participation: indigenous groups collaborate across state lines, permanent members, and observer states cooperate on a variety of governance issues including scientific research, search and rescue, nuclear weapon non-proliferation, innocent passage, and natural resource protection.

It was also suggested that sovereign Arctic research initiatives could be used to house foreign researchers from other Arctic coastal states, as well as scientists from near-Arctic states, such as China. It was agreed that environmental protection can be regarded as a common interest between coastal states in both regions and that scientific cooperation through projects such as a common data based monitoring system will be essential to ensure equitable catch quotas among coastal states.

This is particularly true, for the South China Sea, which acts as a sink for carbon and organic pesticides.

Security Politics in the Asia-Pacific : A Regional-Global Nexus?

These pollutants are most dense in the South China Sea compared to other marine environments, and it is therefore essential to construct and maintain unified regional environmental management mechanisms to protect the global and regional commons. Participants across five panels discussed the political, historical, economic, and legal complexity of marine governance, using the Arctic and the South China Sea as case studies.

Panelists explored environmental protection and resource governance at the nexus of economic and sovereignty interests. Participants also considered maritime legal challenges and past successes experienced in both regions. Resource-allocation and exploitation conflicts occur most obviously within the realm of water projects, especially hydropower development programmes.

While such disputes are not likely to erupt into armed conflict because of the power asymmetry between China and the lower Mekong states, they exacerbate Southeast Asian concerns about China's rise and undermine Chinese rhetoric about peaceful development. But the negative security consequences of developing the Mekong are also due to the shared economic imperative, and the Southeast Asian states' own difficulties with collective action due to existing intramural conflicts. Skip to Main Content. Search in: This Journal Anywhere. Advanced search. Journal homepage.

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