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A playa m u s t focus on stackin' his p a p e r first.

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A playa m u s t focus on i n creasing his g a m e first. Because guess what? Silk 3. Leather 4.

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Suede 5. Lace 2. Nylon 4. He must also understand where his level of game is, as well. Before a m a n can understand the psychological and social m a k e u p of different types of women, he has to be able to correctly analyze himself. This way he can correctly diagnose his strengths and deficiencies, and therefore make the correct adjustments a n d upgrades if need be. In this chapter I will place m e n in eight different categories. I will refer to these m e n as the They are: 1. T h e Serious Brother 3. T h e Sensitive Simp 4.

The Save-a-Ho Brother 5. The Sassy Brother 6. The Scavenger eight S's. He knows what to say and h o w to say it when it comes to spitting game at females. S m o o t h Brothers are very laid back and mellow with their game, a n d they k n o w h o w to talk their way out of certain predicaments with w o m e n especially in cases of infidelity. This S m o o t h Brother usually has one m a i n lady a n d several females on the side. Positive Aspects of the Smooth Brother T h e positive thing about S m o o t h Brothers is that m a n y of t h e m are very charismatic a n d suave.

M a n y of these guys are snappy dressers a n d they k n o w n o t to be t o o over-the-top w i t h their gear. Negative Aspects of the Smooth Brother On the negative side, m a n y S m o o t h Brothers are somewhat deceitful in the way they deal with w o m e n. Many of these guys are habitual liars, and they get a thrill from being able to get away with their most outrageous lies.

O n e of the rules of the mackin' game is that you have to play it fair. But m a n y S m o o t h Brothers have a take-no-prisoners attitude when it comes to dealing with w o m e n.

They will live a lie as long as they can get away with it. They revel in deceit. And once the w o m e n they deal with become aware of the deceptive S m o o t h Brother's lies, these w o m e n will ultimately lose respect for t h e m. A true m a c k must maintain a level of respect from his women at all times. He has learned h o w to master the art of reaction. He knows h o w to make s m o o t h and clever responses to everything a female says to h i m. Females are usually impressed by his verbal spontaneity and quick wit. The effortlessness of his o n - p o i n t responses d u r i n g conversation is usually what lures women in.


The Serious Brother The Serious Brother is usually the n o - n o n s e n s e , suit-and-tie p r o fessional guy w h o does things by the b o o k. M a n y Serious Brothers have extensive college or military backgrounds, and they take great pride in their academic achievements. Positive Aspects of the Serious Brother T h e positive thing about Serious Brothers is that they have no time for games or half-assing.

Serious Brothers are very t h o r o u g h when it comes to taking care of business. M a n y w o m e n find Serious Brothers desirable because these guys are usually intelligent, dependable, a n d they provide a sense of security. Negative Aspects of the Serious Brother On the flip side of the Serious Brother, m a n y of these guys are considered assholes.

Because m a n y of the Serious Brothers are welleducated a n d financially stable, they sometimes t e n d to have a h o l i e r - t h a n - t h o u attitude. Sometimes these cats are so serious, they forget that they need to loosen up a n d have fun every once in a while. Some of the Serious Brothers possess this know-it-all attit u d e that can start weighing on people's nerves after a while.

He likes to brag about his college and academic degrees, his worldly travels, and basically his knowledge of the finer things in life. This can w o r k two ways. It can m a k e h i m look intelligent. Or it could make h i m appear as if he's belittling the females he's trying to get with. W h e n you are trying to flex your knowledge, you have to be very subtle about it.

Never bring up a topic that you just h a p p e n to be knowledgeable about out of the blue. I knew one Serious Brother w h o would get a r o u n d females and start talking about computers. He t h o u g h t showing his extensive knowledge would impress females, but the way he did it m a d e him look like an ass.

Only flex your academic knowledge a r o u n d females if the conversation h a p p e n s to casually shift to that subject matter or if the female brings up the subject. The Sensitive Simp The Sensitive Simp is the type of cat w h o loves to p a m p e r women and cater to their every need. This is the type of guy w h o likes to bring flowers and candy to a female on a first date. These guys also like to do things like send p o e m s to w o m e n , send females cute little e-mails all day, and stand outside a woman's w i n d o w with a guitar, serenading her with love songs.

M a n y of the Sensitive Simps grew up in households where women were the d o m i n a n t force, so they grow up thinking that being submissive to w o m e n is the natural order of things. These guys take the "kill t h e m w i t h kindness" mentality to an extreme level. The Sensitive Simp feels that if he caters to w o m e n a n d treats t h e m nicely, eventually he will win t h e m over.

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Positive aspects of the Sensitive Simp There are times w h e n a m a n needs to s h o w some sensitivity w h e n dealing w i t h w o m e n. There are special occasions such as Christm a s , Valentine's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. As long as you are showing appreciation for a female based on the things she has d o n e for you, there is n o t h i n g w r o n g with showing your sensitive side every n o w a n d then.

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Just don't start simpin' right out the gate. Negative Aspects of the Sensitive Simp The negative thing about Sensitive Simps is that m a n y of t h e m come across like w i m p y mama's boys w h o are desperate for female affection. And this usually turns women completely off. M a n y of these m e n are insecure, and women can sense this. Women like men w h o are somewhat of a challenge. And when a m a n goes out of his way to cater to a w o m a n , by chasing her and rolling out the red carpet for her too m u c h and too soon, this takes away from the challenge..

W o m e n m i g h t claim they like the Keith Sweat, Michael Bolton, or Brian McKnight type of r o m a n c e from a guy, but they say this because it's the politically correct t h i n g to say. T h e p r o b l e m with the Sensitive Simp is that he actually believes w o m e n when they claim they want a sensitive m a n. True macks k n o w better t h a n to fall for the "I really want a nice, sensitive guy" script.

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He likes to show a female h o w appreciative he is that she would take time out of her life to s h o w h i m any form of attention. T h e Sensitive Simp steps to w o m e n by kissing ass right out the gate. He likes to shower t h e m w i t h compliments a n d praise. He does this because he doesn't w a n t to do anything to jeopardize his chances of staying on a female's good side.

The Save-a-Ho Brother The Save-a-Ho Brother a t e r m that comes from the '90s rap song "Captain Save-a-Ho" by E is a guy w h o tries to p o r t r a y himself as a k n i g h t in shining a r m o r to w o m e n. T h e Save-a-Ho Brother likes to seek out damsels in distress or w o m e n w h o are in need of some sort of financial assistance. These m e n like to offer their financial assistance to w o m e n because this is the only way they feel that they can get their foot in the door. And these are the type of guys w h o like to go to titty bars a n d t r y to square up strippers.

M a n y of these cats feel that if all the w o m e n out there took the time to get to k n o w t h e m , they could t u r n any ho into a housewife. Positive Aspects of the Save-a-Ho Brother There's n o t h i n g w r o n g w i t h financially helping out a female, as long as you know for sure she would do the same for you.

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If a female has b r o u g h t something to the table for you, it's perfectly fine to help her out every once in a while.