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Who also uses makeup to cover up her millions of insecurities and flaws. Tigerlily is a bitch.

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Bangcock Flor Otg Domestic Engineer PKMKB Ikmkb Theodorian Rug Tug Valtteri, it's James Rub Tug Yaoi paddle Sunday Scaries Edit: As of 3. Comment by xxxgemilioxxx I usually farm at Lake Kum 'uya in borean Tundre.. CD so easy to farm :D. Comment by Lagun Those little flowers seems to be larger in the 3. Comment by Borelia One thing I noticed is that with the latest patch 3.

Not sure if they increased the size of the plant, or if it's a changed UI from my end, but it's definitely different. Although, I haven't checked any other inland waters, but I found spawns around this lake in Borean.

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Every time I went there there were spawns up, and after a random dungeon there were another up. Every single time. I got 5 Frost Lotuses and stacks of Tiger Lilyes in no time.

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Scribes don't care what kind of herbs you give them, as long as its from the level range they need, and there are a lot of them. Tiger Lily is a good herb to farm, because it has a good "drop rate" for Deadnettle.

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Exploiting this fact can result in double the herbs thus double the gold. I farm these in Grizzly Hills on the river to the east going down through Grizzly Hills. Not the river bordering Dragonblight.

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But the one with the logging camp. I start from the northeast where the river stops and follow the river, including the logging camp, and end a venture bay. I'm a balance druid so I farm these easily, clearing mobs with Starfall on collecting with Swift Flight Form.

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Usually I get two stacks of Deadnettle, and two stacks of Tiger Lily in half an hour. Hope this helps!

Comment by plokmijn12 Goes Green at But still the fastest and easiest way to level your Herbalism from I suggest not using an epic flyer if you're farming at Lake Kumaya, as you will be doing circles around the lake before you see any respawns. Add to list